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Advertised minutes available on first call only, using local access number. See additional fees, below.
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Call the Philippines with the Manny Pacquiao prepaid phone card. The Manny Card is the undisputed champion, offering the best calling card rates and quality calls to the Philippines. Buy online and call instantly.

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‡ Advertised minutes are available only when used on a single call placed from local access numbers. Prompted minutes are available when used on a single call. For current rates, please call customer service 888-565-4418.

If the card is not entirely used on a single call, the following fees will apply and will reduce the number of available minutes and the value of the card:

  1. a fee of up to $0.49 upon completion of each connected call;
  2. a maximum service fee of $0.15 per minute (in addition to the base rate per minute); and
  3. a $0.99 fee applies on 1st day of use and every 7 days thereafter.